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Health section logoCommunity Physical Rehabilitation Team

Midlothian Community Physical Rehabilitation Team for Adults with acute and long term physical conditions that need to be seen in their home environment.

What we aim for

To provide a co-ordinated and integrated rehabilitation service to patients with acute and long term physical conditions.

Who we see

Midlothian Health and Social Care PartnershipAdults who have rehabilitation needs who require to be seen in their home environment. Needs may include;

  • Physical
  • Functional

Our Objectives

  • To facilitate a multidisciplinary approach to the rehabilitation of patients in their community setting to meet their individual needs,
  • To provide timely and effective access to rehabilitation,
  • To enable patients and carers to manage their long term conditions through education, advice and support,
  • To Provide a high standard of therapeutic assessments which is person centred and needs based,
  • To Provide expert advice source for carers/ relatives, other health professionals , voluntary agencies and other relevant community based organisations.

Our Team

  • Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists

Who can refer?

Healthcare Professionals, Social Care, Voluntary agencies, Patient, Carers and relatives.

How to refer to Community Physical Rehabilitation Team

Midlothian Community Physical Rehabilitation Team,
Bonnyrigg Health Centre
109-111 High Street
EH19 2ET
Telephone logo 0131-537-9883


Midlothian Community Physical Rehabilitation Team 2013

helping you to help yourself

Living it Up

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Health section logoDentists


Bonnyrigg dental care
Unit 3 Staiside Court,
Bonnyrigg, EH19 3PZ

Telephone logo 0131 663 3370

Bonnyrigg dental centre
35-37 High street
Bonnyrigg, EH19 2DA

Telephone logo 0131 536 89410

Helen MacNeil
64 High Street,
Bonnyrigg, EH19 2AB

Telephone logo 0131 663 9271

Old Orchard Dental Practice
59 High Street, Bonnyrigg, EH19 2DB

Telephone logo 0131 663 9080


Bosco Dental Studio
Unit 3, 25 Thorny Crook Gardens,
Dalkeith, EH22 2RF

Telephone logo 0131 654 9316

Henderson. M
25A South St
Dalkeith, EH22 1AH

Telephone logo 0131 660 1315

Mayfield Dental practice
1 Mayfield Place
Dalkeith, EH22 5EE

Telephone logo 0131 663 2097

Midlothian Dental Practice
Edinburgh Rd
Dalkeith, H22 1JZ

Telephone logo 0131 660 9518

Mochrie W F
21 High St
Dalkeith, EH22 1JB

Telephone logo 0131 663 2431


Gorebridge Family Dental Practice
19-21 Main Street,
Gorebridge, EH23 4BX

Telephone logo 01875 820 483


Loanhead Dental Practice
50 Fountain Place,
Loanhead, EH20 9DU

Telephone logo 0131 440 1161


Newtongrange Dental Practice
5 Station Road,
Newtongrange, EH22 4NB

Telephone logo 0131 654 2377


Ballantine Dental Practice
91A John Street,
Penicuik, EH26 8AG

Telephone logo 01968 675 586

Magliveras Dental Practice
16 Bridge Street,
Penicuik, EH26 8LN

Telephone logo 01968 672 922
Telephone logo 01968 674 322

Penicuik Dental Centre penicuik-dental-centre/
38 High Street,
Penicuik, EH26 8HU

Telephone logo 01968 674 322


Roslin Dental Practice/
6 Main Street
Roslin, EH25 9LE

Telephone logo 0131 448 0367


NHS Edinburgh City, East & Mid Lothian Emergency Dental Service
If you are registered with a dentist, please contact your own surgery for advice or to arrange emergency treatment.

Unregistered adults 16+: Chalmers Clinic

Telephone logo 0131 536 4800

If you require advice on dental pain

NHS24 Telephone logo 111

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Forward Mid Newsletter

Health section logoMedical Practices

Bonnyrigg Health Centre

109-111 Bonnyrigg High Street, Bonnyrigg EH19 2ET.

Dalhousie Medical Practice

Telephone logo 0131 370 3999

Quarryfoot Medical Practice

Telephone logo 0131 537 9828

Strathesk Medical Group

Telephone logo 0131 537 9333

Dalkeith Medical Practice

24-26 St Andrew Street, Dalkeith, EH22 1AP.

Telephone logo 0131 561 5500

Danderhall Medical Practice

85 Newton church Road, Danderhall, EH22 1LX.

Telephone logo 0131 654 1079

Gorebridge, Newbyres Medical Group

15 Hunterfield Road, Gorebridge, EH23 4TP.

Telephone logo 01875 820 405

Loanhead Medical Practice

Loanhead Centre George Ave Loanhead Midlothian, EH20 9LA

Telephone logo 0131 440 0149

Mayfield Newbattle Medical Group

Blackcot, Mayfeild, Dalkeith, EH22 4AA.

Telephone logo 0131 663 1051

Newtongrange Clinic

75 St Davids,Newtongrange, EH22 4LD

Telephone logo 0131 663 1051

Pathhead Medical Centre

210 Main Street, Pathhead, EH37 5PP.

Telephone logo 1875 320 302

Penicuik Eastfield Medical Practice

Eastfield Farm Road, Penicuik, EH26 8EZ.

Telephone logo 1968 675 576

Penicuik Medical Practice

37 Imrie Place, Penicuik,EH26 8HY.

Telephone logo 01968 672 612

Roslin Medical Practice

122 Penicuik Road, Roslin, EH25 9NT.

Telephone logo 0131 440 2043

Travel Clinic

Elphinstone Wing, Carberry, Musselburgh, EH21 8PW

Telephone logo 0131 653 6767

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Health section logoMerrit

Rapid Response is now called MERRIT (Midlothian Emergency Rapid Response Intervention Team)

Midlothian Health and Social Care PartnershipWho are the MERRIT Midlothian Emergency Rapid Response Intervention Team Team?

The MERRIT Midlothian Emergency Rapid Response Intervention Team team are a team of health and social service professionals working in partnership with Voice of Carers Across Lothian (VOCAL) Midlothian

What is the role of the MERRIT Midlothian Emergency Rapid Response Intervention Team Team?

Our role is to work together with people who may be experiencing a crisis situation, and their carers.

What is the aim of the MERRIT Midlothian Emergency Rapid Response Intervention Team Team?

Our aim is to:

  • Support people to live independently at home and avoid hospital admissions
  • Help people to come home from hospital as early as possible with the right support
  • Avoid admissions to hospital or a care home by providing help and support in your home
  • Support you or the person you care for to come home from hospital as early as possible with the right help and support. This could include a short stay at a care home facility to assist with their recovery and improve their independence
  • Support carers if there is a sudden crisis, eg if you, as a carer, are taken ill

This support will be provided for up to six weeks.

We provide support using joint working. Our team includes district nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, home care workers and support workers.

The service is open to people who are over the age of 16 who are finding it difficult to stay at home or return home from hospital.

If you have been referred to the service, this could be because of one or more of the following reasons:

  • You are suddenly less able to move or function
  • Your long-term condition has become worse. Examples of long-term conditions are Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), asthma, arthritis, heart disease
  • You are at risk of falling
  • Your unpaid carer is not able to provide the support you need
  • There is a need for a short term home care service

If you are a carer you can access the service for any of the above reasons.

What support can we offer?

  • Equipment and technology for your homes to make it easier to live independently
  • Rehabilitation - for example access to physiotherapy and occupational therapy to improve daily living skills and independence
  • Nursing assessment and input if needed
  • Home care support available 07:00 to 22:00, 7 days a week to support this care
  • Support for carers from VOCAL Midlothian.

Midlothian council LogoAll support will be available for up to six weeks.

Adults and Community Care
Fairfield House,
8 Lothian Road,
Dalkeith, EH22 3AA
email symbol
Telephone logo 0131 271 3900

The emergency Midlothian Council contact centre services can be contacted outwith office hours Telephone logo 0800 731 6969

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Health section logoMidcare Alarm Service

Tunstall Midcare Telecare equipmentTelecare is a range of equipment placed within your home environment which communicates wirelessly with a central alarm base unit. This will raise an alert automatically if the sensors detect a problem such as a fall, fire or other emergency. The equipment is plugged into an electric socket and your telephone line. A pendant with a call button is worn by you whilst in your home environment and if you require some of our telecare sensors these are placed around your home. The sensors are not intrusive and are placed discretely where required. If the pendant is pressed or any of the other sensors detect a potential emergency a call is generated via the alarm unit to our control room where staff will provide the appropriate response. The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There is a small weekly charge for this service.

Who can receive this service?

Anyone who:

  • Is frail and living alone.
  • Is living with or being supported by a carer.
  • Is disabled.
  • Is potentially unlikely to manage to use the phone in an emergency.
  • Has a medical condition which can incapacitate them or any other person who would benefit.

How can I access this service?

You can make a referral yourself or asking a family member or friend to do this for you by calling the social work contact office Telephone logo 0131-271-3900, or you can be referred via health or social work professional e.g. your GP, district nurse, social worker, occupational therapist. You will be assessed and then provided with the appropriate equipment which will best meet your needs. The equipment will be fully explained and demonstrated to you.

What is involved?

At the assessment visit, and before the Telecare package is installed you will be asked to provide the names of two people to be key contacts. These will be people who are willing to attend your home in an emergency. If they are unavailable other services such as the MERRIT team or the emergency services will be called.

Who is contacted when Telecare equipment is activated?

The East Lothian control room receives the initial alerts from the equipment and passes this on to ensure that an appropriate response is provided. The control room is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

What responses will be provided?

A key holder such as family/friend/neighbour, who may be requested to assist in an emergency (service users would provide details of these contacts).

Midcare Telecare energency call buttonFor more information contact:
Midlothian Council Adult Social Care,
Fairfield House,
8 Lothian Road Dalkeith,
Midlothian, EH22 3AA.
Telephone logo 0131 271 3900.
email symbol

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Health section logoMidlothian Community Hospital

Midlothian Community Hospital provides many important health care services for the area. It is located at Mayshade South, Bonnyrigg (close to the A7 Hardengreen roundabout). The Community Hospital allows people to receive more services and have better facilities at the heart of their community, without having to travel to Edinburgh. Front door of Midlothian Community HospitalIt has a free car park including 20 disabled parking bays. East Coast Buses 139 and Borders’ Buses 339 both enter the hospital grounds and set down/uplift from very close to the main hospital entrance daytime Monday-Saturday. Lothian Buses 49 and East Coast Buses 140 [both operating 7 days a week including evenings] stop on Bonnyrigg Road at the main entrance to the hospital grounds. Midlothian Community Hospital does not have an accident and emergency department. The nearest A&E department is at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh or, for children under 13, the Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

Outpatient Services

There is a range of outpatients and community services provided at Midlothian Community Hospital for patients who have been referred by their GP or other specialist. Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership tries to encourage services to hold clinics in Midlothian that would otherwise be difficult to get to, or that meets a local need.

Midlothian Community Hospital Clinics

Adult health services

Audiology Repairs including: Hearing Aid Maintenance and Batteries - collection point for replacement batteries

Aortic Aneurysm Screening

Child and Adolescent Mental Health(CAMHS)

Diabetic Eye screening (retinopathy)

Heart Failure Nurse

Lymphoedema (fluid on limbs)

Pain Management Clinic

Respiratory Clinic

Stoma Clinic


X-ray Services

By Referral Only

Alcoholics Anonymous

Child Audiology

Child Dieticians

Child Eye Clinic

Child Health Clinics (Paediatrician)

Child Orthotics

Child Physiotherapy

Child Urology

Community Health Inequalities Team Nurses

Cruse Bereavement Counselling

Dementia Service Memory Clinic


Eating Disorder Clinic

Healthy Living Group

Joint Mental Health Team clinics (psychology, adult psychiatry, community psychiatric nurses)

Marie Curie Drop In

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Midlothian Wellbeing Access Point

Old Age Psychiatry

Pace Exercise Classes

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Classes

Smoking, Alcohol and Drug Use

Speech and Language Therapy

Stop smoking service

Therapies and Health Improvement

Weight Management

Out-of-hours GP Services

Front door of Midlothian Community HospitalMidlothian Community Hospital is also the base for the out-of-hours GP service, providing care for conditions that are not life-threatening, but cannot wait for the doctor’s surgery to open. To access out of hours GP services call NHS24 on Telephone logo 111.

In-patient services

All the inpatient services at Midlothian Community Hospital are for older people. Midlothian Community Hospital has 84 beds in total. All beds are in single rooms, with the exception of a 4-bed bay for patients who need close short-term observation.

The inpatient services that are provided at the hospital are:

  • Admission and assessment services for older people with mental health problems,
  • Continuing care for older people with mental health problems,
  • Continuing care for frail and elderly people,
  • Rehabilitation services for older people,
  • Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.

There is a cafe in the hospital which is open to the public serving hot drinks and food. The hospital also has a community garden, which is managed by the Cyrenians and local volunteers. Anyone is welcome to visit the garden; produce from the garden is often available for sale at the hospital reception. If you would like to volunteer at the garden please contact: email symbol or Telephone logo 07772 886746.

Midlothian Community Hospital
70 Eskbank Rd,
Bonnyrigg, Dalkeith EH22 3ND
Telephone logo 0131 454 1001

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Health section logoMidlothian Wellbeing Access Point

Guiding you to support your wellbeing:

What is the Midlothian Wellbeing Access Point?

Midlothian Wellbeing Access Point logoIt can be hard to know what groups and services are available in the local area and how to get the support you need.

The Access Point is all about guiding you to access the support you need to increase your mental wellbeing—reducing low mood and your feelings of stress; increasing your confidence and self-esteem. The Access Point is not a crisis or emergency service.

How can the Access Point help you?

It can help through supporting you to:

  • Understand more about why you feel unwell
  • Find out what’s going on in your local community—groups, activities and services
  • Access the support that will work best for you

Who can access and use the service?

If you are:

  • An adult living within Midlothian (18-65 years old)
  • Registered with a Midlothian GP practice
  • You don’t need to make an appointment or be referred to access the service, so come along and find out how the Access Point can help you


  • The access point is a confidential service and all personal information is held under strict legal and ethical rules

What happens when you go along to the Access Point?

Meeting one of the team:

You’ll be seen in a private space by either a Nurse Therapist, who is trained in providing talking therapies, or the Access Point worker who specialises in providing community based support. They can help you to decide what support will work best for you.


  • People will normally be seen on a first come, first served basis
  • A session will normally last for approximately 30 minutes

When and where does the service happen?


Loganlea Centre,
Eastfield Medical Centre,
Eastfield Farm Road,
Penicuik, EH26 8EZ -
Mondays - 11:00 hrs to 14:00 hrs


Midlothian Community Hospital,
70 Eskbank Road,
Dalkeith, EH22 3ND
Wednesdays - 13:00 hrs to 15: hrs

Please note: The Midlothian Wellbeing Access Point will be closed on Public Holidays.

A couple of things to think about before you come along:

  1. 1. Think about why you’re looking for help from the Midlothian Wellbeing Access Point
  2. 2. Do you know or have you thought about the type of help you’re looking for?

For further information contact Psychological Therapies,
Telephone logo 0131 536 8981 or Access Point Worker,
email symbol

Midlothian Health and Social care partnership logoMidlothian council Logo

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Health section logoMidlothian Wellbeing Team

Midlothian Wellbeing Team Logo Thistle Foundation Logo Midlothian Health and Social care Logo

What the wellbeing team can offer:



Midlothian Wellbeing Team
Supporting adults impacted by long term conditions, Long Covid, Challinging Life Situations, Anxiety, Depression or Bereavement.

Two people chatting

How to access

Midlothian Wellbeing Team are based within each GP practice in Midlothian. You can ask your GP or another health professional to refer you.

One of the Wellbeing Practitioners will contact you once we have your referral to schedule a first meeting.

Spech call to blue border


Our aim is to increase individual resilience and self-efficacy using:

  • 1-1 coaching utilising good conversation approach,
  • Group based lifestyle management courses,
  • Mindfulness courses,
  • Social prescribing,
  • Encouraging peer support.

For further information Contact:
Sandra Mackenzie: Telephone logo 07876 035 660

Emma Holland Telephone logo 0131 656 7346 (Wellbeing Administrator)

The Wellbeing Team is a partnership between Thistle Foundation and NHS Lothian and Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership.

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Health section logoNHSNational Health Service 24

When should I call NHSNational Health Service 24?

NHS24 Logo If your GP surgery is closed and you are too ill to wait until it re-opens, phone NHS 24 Scotland Telephone logo 111 or (BSL speakers, use If you phone us, we will ask you where you are phoning from and why you have phoned. This will help NHS24 Scotland make sure you get the right help. When NHS24 Scotland know why you have phoned NHS24 Scotland will put you through to a health professional. They will talk to you about your symptoms and tell you what care they think you need. They might suggest that you treat yourself at home, that you see a doctor or another health professional or, in some cases, they might call an ambulance for you.

NHS Scotland Helpline run by Patient Advice & Support Service- Telephone logo 0800 917 2127 If you think your life is in danger and you need an emergency ambulance, always phone 999. If you are looking for urgent advice on caring for yourself, you can visit and use our Self-help Guide which will help to direct you to the right care.

When you call NHSNational Health Service 24

You will hear a message explaining that all calls are recorded as part of your patient record and may be used anonymously for research purposes.

Your call will then be answered by a highly trained call handler. The call handler will introduce themselves and ask you clear questions that are easy to follow. We do not have access to your GP medical record, so the details we ask for are important in case we need to get you help quickly or we need to call you back. This part of the call will take a couple of minutes.

You will be asked to provide the following details about yourself or the person you are calling for:

  • Name;
  • Date of birth;
  • Home address or the address where you are calling from;
  • GP’s name and practice.
  • You will then be asked some questions about the reason for your call. Then you will be passed to the most appropriate person.

If a doctors has to attend.

Most records are now stored on the NHSNational Health Service computer database and can be accessed by the doctor that is attending you. If a doctor does have to attend you please be patient as your records may be long and they may need to be read more than once.

What pharmacies provide:

If you are registered with a GP in Scotland your community pharmacist can provide a minor ailment service. Your pharmacist can offer advice and can generate the paperwork and supply you with a limited source of medication.

Many pharmacies are open when your GP surgery is shut (evenings, weekends and on public holidays). You don’t even need to make an appointment to speak to your local pharmacist.

Your local pharmacist provides lots of services and can help if you need help with a minor ailment service.

If you think that someone’s life is at risk you should call Telephone logo 999 right away.

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Health section logoNHS Minor Ailment Service

What is the NHS minor ailment service?

Everyone can go to their pharmacist for advice or to buy a medicine for a minor illness or ailment. There is a NHS service for people who would not have paid prescription charges under the old system. If your pharmacist thinks you need it then they can give you a medicine on the NHS without you having to pay for it.

Who is the service for?

You can use the NHS Minor Ailment Service if:

  • you are registered with a GP surgery in Scotland, and
  • you are under 16 or under 19 and in full-time education,
  • you are aged 60 years or over,
  • you have a valid maternity exemption certificate, medical exemption certificate, or war pension exemption certificate,you get Income Support, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income-related Employment and Support Allowance, or Pension Credit Guarantee Credit; and
  • you don’t live in a nursing or residential care home.

How does it work?

You register for the service with the community pharmacy of your choice.

How do I register?

  • You can register for the NHS Minor Ailment Service at a community pharmacy of your choice. You can do this at any time.
  • Your pharmacist will ask you for your name, date of birth, gender, and postcode.
  • Your pharmacist completes a form which you must sign to register for the service.
  • Your pharmacist may ask you for proof of your exemption, for example your maternity or medical exemption certificate or HC2 certificate. Try to remember to bring this information with you if you think you might need to.
  • You can only register with one community pharmacy at a time for the NHS Minor Ailment Service.

What does the service offer?

You can get advice and free treatment from your community pharmacist for minor illnesses and ailments such as:


Athlete’s foot

Back Ache

Cold sores




Ear Ache



Hay fever


Head lice


Mouth ulcers


Period Pain


Sore throat






Nasal Congestion

  • If your pharmacist feels that it is better for you to see your GP then they may refer you directly or tell you to make an appointment with your GP.
  • You will still have to go to your GP if you need a medicine that you can only get on prescription from your GP.

Can I still go to other pharmacies?

Yes. You can still use other pharmacies to buy medicines or to pick up prescriptions.

But remember, you can only use the NHS Minor Ailment Service at the community pharmacy you’ve registered with.

If you want to go to another community pharmacy for the NHS Minor Ailment Service, you can. But you will need to register with the new pharmacy.

How to find out more

For more information contact:

  • your local community pharmacy
  • Your GP or another member of NHS staff involved in your care or
  • The NHS24 Helpline Telephone logo 111 (calls are free)

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Health section logoPharmacies

Pharmacy LogoThe Apothecary, The Chemist, or The Pharmacy as it is now commonly known has changed over the years, not only in name but with the services we now provide to the public. A pharmacist goes through extensive training before qualifying, undergoing a four year degree course at university followed by a post graduate training year known as the Pre-Registration year, after which a final exam must be passed before they are able to work as a fully qualified pharmacist in either community, hospital or in industry. To alleviate pressures in GP practices and hospital casualty departments, pharmacy has been tasked to offer a vast range of services, which they are ably qualified and trained in administering.

Your first port of call in non emergency situations should always be your local pharmacy, where you will either be given advice and treatment, or if necessary referred to your GP. Services which are provided: The Minor Ailment Service, where you can register with your local pharmacy, have a consultation when you will be given appropriate advice, treatment or referral. It covers a varied and extensive range of ailments from coughs and colds to skin conditions, free of charge if you are eligible. Medicine Care Review, where you may be invited by your pharmacist to talk about your medicines, to make sure you are taking them correctly or if there are any issues, they may then inform your GP with your permission, if there is a problem to have it rectified if necessary. You may then be put on a service called Serial Dispensing if appropriate, for your repeat medication, which makes accessing your medicines simpler and quicker. Repeat Medication Service, where your ongoing medication can be ordered directly by the pharmacy usually on a two monthly cycle, and picked up at the pharmacy at your allotted date.

Multi-compartment Compliance Aids (MCA's), where if appropriate medication can be dispensed in weekly trays, mainly for patients who are on a lot of medication and or if they are confused or forgetful.

Palliative Care Pharmacies, where certain pharmacies keep an extensive stock of controlled and anticipatory drugs, and are on call for emergency situations.

Flu Vaccination Service, where you can have a flu jab administered at a cost of around £10, but this may be a free service in the near future, for specific groups of the population.

Travel Clinics, some pharmacies offer this service, where you can get all the relevant health information and treatment, for your exotic holidays, at a cost. Blood Pressure Monitoring, Diabetes and Cholesterol checks, can be undertaken at your local pharmacies free of charge (exception cholesterol checks)

Gluten Free (GF) Service, where we can prescribe GF Products free of charge to patients who have been assessed by GP and or Dietician.

Stop Smoking Service, where you will be supported through a 12 week course with weekly treatment and advice. You are 4 times more likely to stop smoking with this service which is free.

Substance Misuse Service, to support with addictions and supply opiate substitutes. Pharmacy First, a newish service that at the moment covers urinary tract infections and impetigo which allows a pharmacist to prescribe antibiotics if appropriate. This service will be extended in the near future to cover other ailments requiring antibiotics. Emergency Hormonal Contraception 'The morning after pill' can be supplied free of charge after a consultation and if is deemed appropriate. Chlamydia Service, where antibiotics will be prescribed on presentation of a voucher given by a health professional, free of charge.

Pharmacies in Midlothian


 Cohen Pharmacy

 Bonnyrigg Health Centre, Bonnyrigg, EH19 2ET

 Telephone logo 0131-663 6336

 Lloyds Pharmacy

 32-34 High Street Bonnyrigg EH19 2AA

 Telephone logo 0131 663 8585

 Rowlands Pharmacy

 48 High Street Bonnyrigg EH19 2AB

 Telephone logo 0131-663 8353


 Boots Pharmacy

 17-19 High Street Dalkeith EH22 1JB

 Telephone logo 0131-663 3158

 Lindsay & Gilmour

 18/20 Woodburn Avenue Dalkeith EH22 2BP

 Telephone logo 0131-663 0372

 Lloyds Pharmacy

 17 Eskdaill Court Dalkeith EH22 1AG

 Telephone logo 0131-663 6789

 Lloyds Pharmacy

 2 Bogwood Court Mayfield EH22 5DG

 Telephone logo 0131-663 3523

 Lloyds Pharmacy

 Newbattle Medical Practice Blackcot Drive Mayfield EH22 4AA

 Telephone logo 0131-663 0129


 Right Medicine

 71 Newton Church Road, Danderhall EH22 1LX

 Telephone logo 0131-663 3031


 Lloyds Pharmacy

 35 Main Street, Gorebridge EH23 4BX0

 Telephone logo 01875-820 422

 Lloyds Pharmacy

 105 Hunterfield Road, Gorebridge EH23 4TS

 Telephone logo 01875-820 345


 Boots Pharmacy

 Straiton Park Way, Straiton, Loanhead EH20 9QY

 Telephone logo 0131 440 3419

 Lloyds Pharmacy

 Inside Sainsburys Straiton Mills, Straiton EH20 9PW

 Telephone logo 0131-440 4205

 Rowlands Pharmacy

 55 Clerk Street, Loanhead EH20 9RE

 Telephone logo 0131-440 0511


 Lloyds Pharmacy

 123/125 Main Street, Newtongrange EH22 4PS

 Telephone logo 0131-663 2251


 Pathhead Pharmacy

 210 Main Street, Pathhead EH37 5PP

 Telephone logo 01875-320 020


 Lloyds Pharmacy

 44a John Street Penicuik EH26 8AB

 Telephone logo 01968-673 633

 Rowlands Pharmacy

 22 Edinburgh Road, Penicuik EH26 8NW

 Telephone logo 01968-676 868

 Rowlands Pharmacy

 27 John Street, Penicuik EH26 8HN

 Telephone logo 01968-673 939


 Roslin Pharmacy

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Health section logoPodiatry

Footprint on wet tileThe Podiatry service provides a high quality, fully comprehensive foot health service for conditions affecting the lower limb. We assess, treat and advise patients with foot health disorders in order to maintain and maximise their quality of life and so encourage a healthy active life with feet that function normally and without discomfort.

When is the Service Open?
Monday to Thursday 08:30 hrs. to 17:00 hrs
Friday 08:30 hrs to 16:00 hrs

The Service is available, regardless of age, for those with a podiatric/medical need. All new patients must attend an assessment appointment at one of the clinics listed below.

Patients who are housebound may be treated at home. This means that the patient is unable to leave their home on any regular basis, without the assistance of Healthcare or Social Care personnel using an ambulance or patient transport vehicle. If the patient is able to leave their home on a regular basis to visit the doctor, hairdresser or shops, either alone or with the assistance of a friend or relative, we will expect them to visit their local clinic. Home visit patients must be referred by the GP or District Nurse.

NHS Lothian Podiatry Department - Use link to download form, Patients can self refer for a clinic visit by filling out an application form. GP's or other health care professionals can also make referrals if they wish.

At the first appointment, A full podiatric assessment will be undertaken. A treatment plan will be negotiated with the patient. The outcome of this could be:

  • Ongoing general footcare programme
  • Referral to a specialty
  • Short course of treatment for acute problems
  • Discharge with advice
  • Specialty Services


Footprint on wet tileThis clinic assesses the lower limb and foot. If appropriate, an supportive insole can be prescribed to correct or limit abnormal foot function. This service is not generally appropriate where arthritic changes have taken place.

Nail surgery

In some cases, painful nails can be partially or completely removed under local analgesia. The nail bed is destroyed using phenol.

Diabetic clinics

Diabetic patients who attend our clinics receive an annual foot assessment in line NHS Lothian Guidelines. Higher risk patients may be seen more often. Low risk patients should not be referred to the service but seen within their GP practice.

Appliance laboratory

The Podiatry Department has a fully equipped laboratory for the manufacture of prescription insoles. Simple footwear modifications are also undertaken.

Midlothian Assessment Centres

 Bonnyrigg Health Centre, 109-111 High Street

 Mon - Thurs

 Dalkeith Health Centre, 24/26 St Andrew St.


 Newbattle MG Blackcot Ave, Mayfield

 Wed, Thurs

 Penicuik Health Centre, 37 Imrie Place

 Mon - Wed


For enquiries about the service, please contact us Tel: Telephone logo 0131 536 1627

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Health section logoRapid Response Falls Service

Hospital wrist band in yellow to denote falls RiskFalls are one of the most common injuries in the home.

A fall at home does not always mean a hospital admission. The Rapid Response Falls Service can assist you to get back to your feet.

The Service provides help to transfer and settle people who have fallen at home. If you are uninjured and require assistance to settle, the Rapid Response Falls Service will help you regain your composure, settle you comfortably and attend to any personal care needs.

The Rapid Response Falls Service is on call 24 hours a day. Telephone logo 0131 270 8890

Falls Assessment

An online falls assessment that enables you to self assess the key falls risks relevant to you and offer appropriate support and self-management advice. It has been developed with people who have had falls or are at a high risk of falling, along with local falls support professions.

Age Scotland provides a falls prevention booklet, request a copy Telephone logo 0800 12 44 222

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Health section logoThe Smart Centre

The SMART Centre provides a wide range of rehabilitation technology services for the South East of Scotland, covering Lothian, Fife and the Borders. These include mobility and postural services (wheelchairs and special seating), prosthetics, and bioengineering services, a Disabled Living Centre and Gait Analysis Service. We also provide a National Driving Assessment Service.

The Wheelchair and Seating Service

This service provides a service to over 24,000 adults and 2,600 children across Lothian, Fife and Borders. The service includes individualised special wheelchair seating for people whose needs cannot be met using off-the-shelf equipment.

The Prosthetics Service

This Service provides upper and lower limb prosthetic care The service aims to provide a high level of care for amputees and others requiring prosthetic assistance. It provides prostheses, where appropriate, and life long care to the patient to ensure that their prosthesis is maintained and continues to meet their individual needs where possible.

Driving Assessment

This service offers driving assessment and/or advice for people who wish to commence, resume or continue driving after illness or injury, and also advises on vehicle modifications to enable safe driving or passenger travel for those with a disability.

Assessments are carried out by a therapist and/or a doctor and generally include:

  • Physical Assessment – range of joint movement, muscle strength and sensation, co-ordination and vision are tested.
  • Static Unit Assessment – conducted with the patient sitting in a test rig which allows us to identify the most appropriate methods for steering, braking and acceleration and is also used to measure reaction times.
  • In-Car Assessment – this is carried out in one of the centre’s vehicles. Automatic and manual cars are available, and we also have examples of the most frequently used modifications.

Electronic Assistive Technology (EAT) service

Environmental control equipment enables very severely disabled people who would otherwise be unable to do so to control electrical equipment, such as telephones, pagers, intercoms, door locks, table lamps and home entertainment equipment such as TVs, DVD players, cable/satellite boxes community alarms, door openers, curtain openers and page turner. It is also possible to enable control of a microcomputer to be achieved via the environmental control system.

Use of the equipment enables the patient to recover a measure of independence, makes continued care at home easier for the relatives and can delay or prevent permanent admission to hospital. Supply of the equipment may also make it feasible to discharge home a patient who would otherwise have to remain in hospital.

Specialised powered wheelchair control systems are programmable devices which can be configured to suit the needs of the patient.

A range of controller options are available, including standard and very low force joysticks as well as interfaces that enable the control of powered wheelchairs using either single switches or groups of switches. The service also provides specialised switches, switch mounts, communication aid mounts and specialised aids to communication.

This part of the service involves joint assessment along with the referring therapist, and then either the modification of commercially available equipment or, alternatively, the design and manufacture of specialised devices.

Special Needs Design Service

This service provides custom designed or modified equipment where standard or commercially available equipment is not available. Our objective is to assist people in meeting their rehabilitation aims, and hence we can provide equipment for use in the home, workplace or to facilitate established leisure interests. We are, however, mainly involved with the following categories of equipment.

  • Aids for daily living, e.g. equipment for eating, drinking and personal care.
  • Mobility aids, e.g. walkers.
  • Therapeutic equipment, e.g. positioning systems, modifications to static seating.

The SMART Centre accept referrals from Allied Health Professionals, especially Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Prosthetists, and work closely with the referrer throughout the development process. We regret however that we are unable to manufacture devices which are already commercially available, or supply the equipment to be modified.

Southeast Mobility and Rehabilitation Technology

SMART Centre
Astley Ainslie Hospital
133 Grange Loan
Tel: Telephone logo 0131 537 9177

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