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Forward Mid Have located some very useful web site links for disabled people, they are from official disabled web sites and voluntary disabled web site. There is included a short note to indicate what you might find. They are laid out alphabetically.

If you know of any web sites that you think people with disabilities might find useful please contact Iain Tait; please supply the name of the web site and the web site address and a little information about the web site and complete the form. Once it has been checked that it is useful for disabled people it will be added. If you require conformation on it being added or if it is rejected and you wish to know why leave a contact detail.

You can select a letter to start in the section beginning with that letter, for screen readers and visually impaired there are back to top buttons at the end of every letter.

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Useful Links

Ability net
Ability Net is a national charity helping disabled adults and children use computers and the internet by adapting and adjusting their technology. They offer My Computer My Way which is an interactive web-based tool developed by AbilityNet that shows disabled people how to adapt their computer using the accessibility features built into their operating system. It's an important way of helping people with a range of disabilities and a valuable part of your commitment to accessibility and compliance with current equalities legislation. AbilityNet's team of professional Assessors offer a high quality assessments, confidential service in the workplace and in higher education.

Disabled Go Logo
Formally Disabled Go, A very large web site that has it's own symbols, Having tried to search on this web site found very little information about Midlothian. However may be useful if travelling. Sponsorship pays for this site to operate, please leave a large amount of time to use this website as it is not easy to use. Website has multiple alternative tags missing.

Access at last
Our aim is Our Aim To be the world’s no.1 one-stop shop for accessible accommodation and services. We are making life accessible for people wanting to travel all over this beautiful world, no matter what physical ability a person has. The detailed information and customer reviews displayed in our property advertising is the very information our customers need when making informed decisions to make a travelling commitment. We Asked them!

The action Group
The Action Group - for children and adults with support needs and learning disabilities - and their carers. The Action Group is about ‘no barriers – for all of life.’ We offer support and advice to over 1500 children and adults across East Central Scotland.

Adaptawear comfort clothing has been designed to help independent living and to make getting dressed easier and less painful. Adaptawear designs and manufacturers a range of ladies and gents open back and drop front trousers, open back shirts and blouses, dresses, skirts,open back nighties and front fastening bras. We also sell a selection of everyday essentials aimed at making people comfortable day and night. Adaptawear clothes are ideal for arthritis, stroke, parkinson, incontinence and dementia sufferers as well as people of all ages who struggle with buttons and zips. The easy fit clothes are made from quality and natural fabrics to provide maximum comfort.

Association of Scottish Talking Newspapers
Association of Scottish Talking Newspapers, Midlothian News & Views Talking Newspaper for visually impaired people in Midlothian.

Autism Sesame
Autism Sesame Street, Information for parents about the autism spectrum disorder delivered through a children's show Sesame Street. This aids helps parents to see amazing in all children.

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BBC Ouch
Ouch is a blog site from the BBC that reflects the lives and experiences of disabled people. Ouch goes behind the headlines of disability news, and also lifts the lid on the little details about being disabled that are not widely talked about. You can add your comments on each story. Because it is operated by the BBC your household must have a television licence.

British Red Cross
British Red Cross, Short term loan of Wheelchairs and other Mobility Aids can be delivered, The British Red Cross provides support at home for the first 24 hours on returning from hospital. The British Red Cross provide first aid training for every need, including a range of courses for members of the public and first aid at work courses for those who need to comply with health and safety requirements, You can Volunteer with the British Red Cross through there website, plus lots more.

For more information Tel: Telephone logo 0131 654 0340

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Autism Spectrum
Centres for Disease Control and Prevention Information about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) helps families feel more comfortable as they face new challenges. How to recognise the signs of the early stages of Autism Spectrum Disorder. United States of America.

 child Poverty Action Group
Child Poverty Action Group is the leading national charity working to end poverty among children, young people and families in the UK. Child Poverty Action Group vision is of a society free of child poverty where all children can enjoy their childhoods and have fair chances in life to reach their full potential.

Child Poverty Action Group activities build on our history of strategic policy leadership to identify and campaign for changes in policy, practice and attitudes necessary to end child poverty.

The Cinema Exhibitors
The Cinema Exhibitors Association is a national card which entitles a disabled person to have one free ticket for someone to accompany them to the cinema. Tel: Telephone logo 0845 123 1295

Online application form and Eligibility check list, Cinema's accepting this card have their own conditions, ie Odeon group make you register before use.

 cue and Review Recording Service
Cue and review offer Print Speaking to the Blind providing daily uploads to the British Wireless Fund for the Blind's Sonata Service of articles from The Herald, Evening Times, Radio Times Scotland and Inside Soap. While also providing a twice weekly mash up of these titles on cassette and even better our service is FREE!. There are online talking newspapers from the Scottish Herald, the Glasgow Evening Times and the National. Tel: Telephone logo 0141-416-2251

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Disabled Motoring
Disabled Motoring UK provides a mobility information service to the general public where Disabled Motoring can give basic information and signpost to relevant organisations. Our members receive access to our Information Officers who can help with more complex questions and in depth knowledge. Members can access on-line magazine for disabled drivers that have formed a club. Lots of useful information about Motoring in the uk for Disabled people

disabilities Fife
Disabilities Fife Working towards inclusion of disabled people in all aspects of society in Fife. Fife Independent Disability Network was formed in 1994, following Fife Regional Council´s changes of the equal opportunities consultative process.

Disability Equality Scotland
The Disability Equality Scotland works for social inclusion in Scotland through the removal of barriers and the promotion of equal access for people affected by disability.

Disability Scotland
Disability Information Scotland is Scotland's National Disability Information Service. Helpline: Telephone logo 0131 558 5200 Formerly UPDATE Scotland; This website causes my screen reader to crash cannot skip to main content.

Radar Shop
Disability Rights, Radar Key (The National Key Scheme) offers independent access to disabled people to around 7,000 locked public toilets around the United Kingdom. The radar key can be bought on line from multiple outlets without verification of a disability at a cheaper price than disability rights UK; Forward Mid are also selling the Radar Key at cost price.

There is a new website to check for both Accessible Toilets and also Changing Places Toilets there are Apps to download to Mobile devices.

Disability West Lothian
Since 1976 Disability West Lothian has been committed to improving the quality of life of disabled people in West Lothian. Disability West Lothian works with disabled people, employers and service providers, West Lothian Council, NHS Lothian, disabled peoples organisations, other equality organisations, the Scottish Executive, the Scottish Parliament, businesses and trade associations


Disabled Living
The Disabled Living Foundation, a national charity that provides free, impartial advice about all types of disability equipment and mobility products for older and disabled people. Disabled Living Foundation are the UK’s leading source of impartial information and expert advice on independent living. A national charity, we have built up over 40 years an unparalleled range of information on daily living equipment and other useful advice for people who might need some help in living their live to the full

Pregnancy &
Disabled Parents is a national organisation which aims to increase society’s acceptance of disability in parenthood and provide support information and advice to disabled parents and their families from other disabled parents.

Disabled Parents are here for all parents with a disability or long-term health challenge, helping disabled parent families to access appropriate support and grow in knowledge and self confidence.

Disabled persons Railcard
If you have a disability that makes travelling by train difficult you might qualify for the Disabled Persons Railcard.

The Disabled Persons Railcard allows you to get 13 off most rail fares throughout Great Britain. If you're travelling with an adult companion they also can get 13 off their rail fare - so you can save money for your friends too!

Disabled Photographer's
Disabled Photographer's society is a registered national charity founded in 1968. We promote photography for people with disabilities, or their carers, or groups or anyone with an interest in helping the disabled.

If you have a disability and want to enjoy photography We are here to help, advise and encourage you to overcome the difficulties and to take great photographs.

Disabled United
Disabled United is an essential community platform and an indispensable portal of information, Disabled United has become the first port of call - for disabled and able-bodied people alike - when it comes to issues surrounding disability.

Disabled worker co-operative
The Disabled Workers Co-operative is a registered charity that helps disabled people to help themselves.

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Equality Choice Action
Equality Choice Action Support Edinburgh. A Voluntary group that can supply grants to help with expenses for specialised equipment.

Governement LogoEqualities Act 2010
replaces the disability discrimination 1995 act for Scotland England and Wales but not Northern Ireland.

Equality and Human Rights Commission LogoEquality and Human Rights Commission
Umbrella group for human rights. The Commission believes that everyone should be treated fairly and with dignity. Unfortunately this doesn’t always happen. Discrimination and disadvantage are still common across Scotland. We don’t all have equal chances in life and some forms of discrimination are deep-rooted.

The web site design is complicated only the navigation on the page is for Scotland. The navigation below the header takes you to the English web site, The navigation below the main content is a lucky dip, and the navigation in the footer is for all three Equality and Human Rights Commission. To return to Scotland's pages select Commission in Scotland from top of any page. In my opinion this is not a user friendly website.

equality here, nowequalityherenow/
'Equality Here, Now' aims to wrestle control over progress with equalities and human rights away from professionals, civil servants, politicians, academics and lawyers, and help individual people take more control of the pace and scope of progress, as well as be better informed and equipped to be able to claim their own, personal rights to equality and human rights.

Enquire LogoEnquire
are the Scottish advice service for additional support for learning. Enquire are managed by Children in Scotland and funded by the Scottish Government.

They offer independent and impartial advice and information to parents, carers, practitioners, children and young people through our:
helpline Tel: Telephone logo 0845 123 2303
Email: Email logo

Enquire also provide a range of clear and easy to read guides and factsheets explaining everything from how to find out if your child needs extra help at school to what should happen when they leave school.

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To empower disabled people to actively engage in the social, leisure, educational and vocational activities of their choice. Tel: Telephone logo 0131 475 2313 wed 6.30-9.30pm.

Family Fund
The Family Fund provides timely grants to families with severely disabled children, based on families' views and needs.

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Glasgow  Strathclyde University
Glasgow Strathclyde Centre for Disability Research carry out research that is relevant to the lives of people with a range of impairments and which attempts to advance the rights of disabled people.

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hypnotherapist logo
Hypnotherapy Directory provides a huge support network of hypnotherapists, enabling visitors to find a hypnotherapist close to them and appropriate for their needs. Hypnotherapy can be effective with chronic pain and depression.

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Inclusion Scotland
Inclusion Scotland is an innovative consortium of disabled peoples' organisation’sand individual disabled people.

Into Work
Intowork exists to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Info Tel: Telephone logo 0131 475 2369

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keytools Providing a wide range of accessories to enable people with physical disabilities to easily access their computer.

Kindred Scotland
kindred Scotland Advice and information on services available to children with special needs and their carers; also provide a ‘listening ear’ helpline: Telephone logo 0131 536 0583

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Lead Scotland
Linking Education And Disability is a voluntary organisation set up to widen access to learning for disabled adults and carers in many areas of Scotland Tel: Telephone logo 0131 228 9441

Leonard Cheshire
Leonard Cheshire disability
Leonard Cheshire exists to change attitudes to disability and to serve disabled people around the world. plus training for disabled UK wide.

Link Living
Link Living works in partnership with people to provide a range of housing support and care services, either to rent or buy. Tel: Telephone logo 0845 002 0819.

Livability Providing information and support to young disabled persons.

Lothian Centre for integrated Living
Lothian Centre for Inclusive Living a user-controlled organisation which supports disabled people to live independently, Grapevine service no longer available in Midlothian.

Lothian Disability sports
Lothian Disability Sport all types of sports for all types of disabilities, all ages. want to try and get fit and fit in. look here to and find it.

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Med-Ecosse was established in 1994 by Colin Struthers, who has spent over 20 years in medical supply and is now one of the primary suppliers of reputable and reliable brands of items for the elderly and disabled.

Midlothian council
Find out what Midlothian Council supply for disabled persons in Midlothian. Type ‘Disability’ into the search box and press enter to begin.

Midlothian Voluntary Action supports voluntary organisation’sin Midlothian.

Motability is a national charity, set up on the initiative of the Government in 1977, to assist disabled people with their mobility needs.

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Autism Resources for
The National Autism Centre Being armed with information about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) helps families feel more comfortable as they face new challenges. Some families need to know where to start when one member of the family has been recently diagnosed. Other families face unexpected difficulties as their loved ones with ASD learn to live effectively in home, school, or community settings. United States of America.

One Parent Families Scotland
One Parent Families Scotland connecting lone parent families affected by disability in East, West and Midlothian Helpline: 0808 801 0323

Open Space
Open Space research centre focuses on inclusive access to outdoor environments for everyone, including disabled people. Tel: Telephone logo 0131 221 6177

Outside The Box
Outside the Box Development Support provides training, advice and on-going assistance to people from communities in Scotland who want to make changes.

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PA Pool
Looking for a new personal assistant, or looking for holiday cover. Looking for a job as a personal assistant in your local area. This service costs to use, until you become a member you have . Alternative to nursing agency.

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Ransome Mobility is a friendly family run business which offers a range of innovative mobility aids and vehicle adaptations to provide access solutions for the elderly and less able.

Reflexology by Paula
Reflexology by Paula is a Local therapist offering home calls to aid with Relaxation and Movement, through applications including Reflexology, Reiki, Acupressure, Indian Head Massage and Holistic Therapy, plus lots more.

Retail me not
Reducing Noise is now accepted as a leader in helping disabled people with overload on people with sensory impairments. This website offers information on how to deal with and adapt to sensory overload in both children and adults.

National research charity dedicated to providing independent information of value to disabled and older consumers. The website helps Motability drivers select the best specifications for their individual needs.

Riding for the Disabled Association
Riding for the Disabled Association are dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities.

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Self Help UK
Self Help UK the guide to patient support and self-help, is the UK's national organisation of the worldwide Disabled People's Movement. Formerly United Kingdom's Disabled People's Council

Shaw Trust
Shaw Trust Employment Opportunities vision is of a society where the full potential of people with disabling conditions is recognised in every workplace.

Shopmobility Can supply wheelchairs or scooters for shopping in city centre's or shopping malls, Gyle Shopping Centre Edinburgh or Tennant Street Edinburgh.

Impartial  advice on stairlift's Logo
Stairlift's Advisor provide impartial information and advice on choosing a stair lift.

Reviews of four stair lift manufacturers
Stairlifts Review provides information about four stair lift manufacturers and what it may cost for new and pre-owned.

The Scottish Parliament
Find out about what is happening in the Scottish Parliament. Type “disability” into the advanced search on this web site

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Tourism for All
Tourism for All provide information for people with disabilities and older people in relation to accessible accommodation and other tourism services. Holiday and travel information services for disabled and older people. Advice line Tel: Telephone logo 0845 124 9971

Transport Scotland
Transport Scotland is collaborating with the Department for Transport and the Welsh Government on the introduction of a Blue Badge Improvement Service (BBIS) for local authorities.The Blue Badge scheme provides parking concessions for people with severely restricted mobility who have difficulty using public transport. Local authorities are responsible for administering the scheme and issuing Blue Badges to eligible applicants. Transport Scotland is responsible for the legislation which sets out the framework for the scheme and provides support to local authorities to help them deliver the scheme.

Transport Scotland
Transport Scotland, Mobility and access committee for Scotland we believe in a Scotland where anyone with a mobility problem due to some physical, mental or sensory impairment can go when and where everyone else can and have the information and opportunities to do so.

Trefoil House
Trefoil House a holiday centre for people with all types of disability Tel: Telephone logo 0131 339 3148 Also operates a Holiday Fund Grant

Turn2us part of Elizabeth finn trust
Turn2us is the trading name of the Elizabeth Finn Care a national charity that gives direct financial support to individuals in need and through Turn2us helps millions more to gain access to the money available to them in welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial help.

We help ordinary people who have been overcome by circumstances, such as family breakdown, redundancy, injury, physical or mental illness. In the UK and Ireland, there are 4 million adults who are eligible for our support.

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Wheelchair Travel
Wheelchair Travel Offers adapted vehicles for rental also taxi service to and from destination or a meet and greet for disabled travellers from abroad also continental use. Wheelchair adapted vehicles also available in the U.S.A. They have a network of overseas agents specialising in travel for special needs clients who have a wealth of experience in flights, accommodation and tourist attractions

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Links information

Forward Mid Have located some very useful web site links for disabled people, they are from official disabled web sites and voluntary disabled web site. There is included a short note to indicate what you might find. They are laid out alphabetically.

If you know of any Ailment web sites that you think people with disabilities might find useful please contact Iain Tait; please supply the name of the web site and the web site address and a little information about the web site. Once it has been checked that it is useful for disabled people it will be added. If you require conformation on it being added or if it is rejected and you wish to know why leave a contact detail.

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